Spiritual Cultivation and Practice

Our Essence is Spirit

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are born of spirit, our essence is spirit, yet everything around us is physical. How can we reconcile everything we see, hear, feel and touch with our spiritual heritage?

HoChi Universal Love is a path of spiritual cultivation and practice which helps us to connect to our spiritual essence, allowing the spirit to nurture us, to heal us and to heal our relationships, thus creating a better world by bringing harmony to everyone and everything around us.

Spiritual Cultivation and Practice

Even though we know that our essence is spirit, we do not usually behave in accordance with spirit. This is because we have taken on many mistaken beliefs, behavior patterns and physical habits in our lives; these beliefs, patterns and habits cloud our spirit and color our every thought, emotion and action.

Regular, consistent and persistent spiritual cultivation and practice help us to reconnect with our spirit, clearing away the clouds so that the light of spirit can shine forth. The light of spirit gives us the wisdom to realize our mistakes, the power to alter our patterns and habits, the grace and courage to forgive others and ourselves.

Connecting to Our Spiritual Essence

At the core of our being is a nucleus which contains our spiritual essence. This spiritual essence is depleted as it sustains us in our daily activities. HoChi Universal Love cultivation and practice help us to reverse this process by connecting this nucleus to the root source of spirit in the Universal - Universal Love Light - recharging our spiritual essence and allowing it to nurture and revitalizing our body, mind and spirit.

Spirit Nurtures Our 3 Bodies

Our body consists of 3 layers, the outer layer which is our physical body, the middle layer which is our soul body, and the inner layer which is our light body. The physical body consists of our coarse physical features; the soul body consists of the more refined energies of our emotions, personalities and beliefs; the light body consists of the most subtle energies of love, light, wisdom and compassion.

HoChi Universal Love cultivation and practice fill the 3 bodies with Universal Love Light, cleansing, clearing, and releasing the clouds that block our light of spirit.

Healing Ourselves, Our Relationships, and the World

With regular practice, our light quotient builds, and the light of spirit manifests in clarity, wisdom and awareness. We experience clear comprehension which transcends the mind; we are able to alter our beliefs, patterns and habits; we have the ability to heal ourselves in body, mind and spirit.

Our relationships are our mirrors. Once we heal ourselves, we become whole, and our relationships will reflect our wholeness.

The more light we have, the more we want to share with others. Through our presence, we spread the light to everyone around us; our wholeness and unity within manifests as peace and harmony in the world.