Master Chou's Story

Master Michael Chou is a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese style physiotherapy who was influenced by his grandmother's spiritual cultivation and aspired to achieve the spirituality of the ancient saints and sages. He revered the deities, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their compassionate endeavor to save the world and the countless stories of how they liberated human kind from suffering. As a child, Master Chou began to practice martial arts and Taoist Chi-Gung. An early teacher, with whom he studied for over ten years, Master Ching-Tu Lee, placed special emphasis on filial morals and the ethics of martial arts and medicinal practice.

Teaching Chi-mates the Methods to Help Others

Master Chou came to America in 1984 and began to treat patients using Traditional Chinese Medicine. He also started to teach students methods of self-cultivation, namely HoChi practice, which he had learned and further developed. The essence of HoChi is Universal Love Light, the more one practices, the more one becomes aware of one's inner self. Most chi-mates' motivation, however, was a simple desire to seek health and to avoid illnesses. HoChi practice achieves these objectives as well.

As chi-mates gained health and happiness, they began to long for spiritual growth and actively sought out ways to help their family and friends and to contribute to the community at large, helping all fellow human beings.

In 1995, Master Chou began to pass on to chi-mates the energy healing methods which he had been using to advance their collective intention to help others.

The Turning Point of Master Chou's Life

Master Chou was nearly paralyzed by a car accident in 1980 at the age of twenty three. That disaster, however, became the turning point of his life. He was air-lifted by special carrier from the local hospital back to Taipei where a doctor insisted that he be operated on immediately, because such surgery must take place within 72 hours of a spinal cord injury. The doctors wanted to remove two of his vertebrae and then put him in a cast, in bed for six months, followed by physical therapy.

Master Chou's mother asked the doctor anxiously, "Will my son be disabled after removing the two vertebrae?" "Your son is already disabled!" the doctor said. "We're talking about his life. The operation is his only chance of survival. Once the nerves are damaged after 72 hours, not even God can save him." Without the operation, he had no chance; and even if the operation were a complete success, he would still be a paraplegic for life.

Believing in the Self-healing Power Within

Refusing to accept such a cruel sentence, Master Chou chose not to have the operation. He believed in the power of self-healing within him. He believed that the methods he had practiced could save him. Although he had never used them to save a life, he was full of confidence and determination in the face of the crisis.

Master Chou's mother withstood enormous pressure. The doctor told her: "You mustn't listen to the patient at a time like this. He's unable to make any reasonable decision now. You must decide immediately! Your son's fate is in your hands!" Caught in between, his mother supported Master Chou's decision. Although she knew it would be a long hard road ahead, she encouraged him to heal imself with unwavering faith and infinite love: "Don't worry, son, we will work it out ourselves. We can do it! You will walk again!"

Moved by a Mother's Love, Heaven Granted Him a New Life

Master Chou's mother, who is also a doctor of Chinese medicine, treated him with acupuncture. She also personally prescribed, prepared and brewed herbal medicine for him, and always made sure to bring it to the hospital while it was still hot, shuttling twice daily between their home, the hospital and the school where she taught.

17 days later, as Master Chou regularly moved the Chi after she removed the acupuncture needles, he felt the Chi in both legs penetrate down to his soles and the heavy leaden sensation suddenly lifted. He tried wiggling his hips and they actually moved! When his mother returned from heating his meal, he grabbed her, trying to get off the bed as he said to her excitedly:

"Mom, I'm healed!"

Not wanting to disappoint him, his mother urged him back to bed. The tears just welled up in this strong woman. That was the first time Master Chou had seen her cry so hard. With teary eyes, she consoled him: "Don't rush. Take it easy!"

Master Chou knew that she was holding back what she wanted to say next - We still have a lifetime ahead of us. Master Chou grabbed her again, got off the bed, and managed to shuffle a few steps. Even though his knees only moved slightly, to his mother and to him, he had stepped into a new life. They held each other and wept. Master Chou's mother was as elated as the day he was born.

Experiencing the Suffering of Illness

After being released from the hospital, Master Chou went through the learning process of walking as a new born baby does, starting with crawling. At the beginning, he had to stop every few steps out of sheer exhaustion. Several times he caught a chill and would wake up in the middle of the night because of the soreness and excruciating pain in his legs. But he persevered.

He continued to practice Chi-Gong several times a day, later adding some basic martial art drills. Together with his mother's unfailing care and assistance, Master Chou finally regained his health after a few months. He overcame immense hardship.

A Testimony of the Inner Healing Power

Master Chou did not understand the true meaning of his accident until much later. It had allowed him to experience first hand the suffering of the sick, the disabled and their families, as well as, experience a miraculous healing process.

Master Chou could now testify to the existence of inner healing power.

Master Chou learned that with proper care and an environment which is full of loving support and blessings, the human body can deploy its self-healing power.

Duplicating the Essence of Cultivation

As he lay in the hospital, Master Chou reflected on all his fellow patients, and how very few were, like him, lucky enough to have acquired the skills to be able to take care of themselves. How wonderful it would be if they could all learn the skills which could restore their health!

Master Chou also realized that it would be very difficult if they only started to learn self-healing techniques after they were already struck down by illness. There was nothing their poor families could do apart from watching their loved ones being tormented by illnesses, suffering helplessly both physically and mentally.

He wished one day he could develop a way to encapsulate all the results of his cultivation, duplicate them, like a piece of software, for those in need.

Dharma Realm Guiding the Dharma Lineage with Compassion

Master Chou's maternal Grandmother inspired, awakened and guided him on the path of spiritual cultivation. Master Chou came to realize the existence of Universal Love Light, and how to connect to the Universal Love Light dharma lineage. Then, with the compassionate support from the dharma realm, he was able to use Universal Love Light. Master Chou traversed a long journey of personal cultivation and practical application, until his original intention was finally achieved.

Now, through Master Chou's efforts, Universal Love Light is known to the world and can be used by all.