Glossary of Terms

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Bowing a method of integrating the "1" and "0" shaped energies to form a harmonious whole
Compassion Field the means through which we connect to Universal Love Light; the practice of dharmas in the Compassion Field accelerates our ability to connect to Universal Love Light
Dharma method
Dharma Flow Programs Year long class which teach various dharmas
Dharma heritage method teachings passed from generation to generation
Duality having and being under the influence of the Patenal "1" shaped and the maternal "0" shaped energy
Energy Body Soul body
Enter Universal Love Light class the highest level class currently being offered, only available in Taiwan
Growth Program a year long periodic class which focuses on the soul aspect by applying HoChi cultivation concepts to situations in daily life
Healing Hands Of Universal Love a tool for helping others that also trains our "0"-shaped energy
HoChi "energy in harmony".
HoChi Practice is a moving meditation which integrates the paternal "1" shaped and the maternal "0" shaped energies in a dynamic manner.
HoChi Universal Love a methodology (system of dharmas) which gives us the ways, means and tools to connect to Universal Love Light and to use it to cultivate ourselves and to help others.
Laoshi Teacher
Life Messages messages that our physical body and emotional body is trying to communicate to us.
Maternal energy the caring and nurturing force in our life; it is referred to as the is round "0" shaped energy.
Paternal energy the axis in our life that gives us our direction in life; it is referred to as the straight "1" shaped energy.
Rainbow Light Healing a spectrum of healing light, each at a different vibration frequency, introduced and brought down over a 7 day course which brings us inwards, closer to spirit, one step at a time
Spirit Spirit is a lot like electricity, appliances work when electricity is turned on; we are all alive because our spirit is present; when we are one with spirit, we manifest infinite wisdom and compassion and we become "enlightened".
Spiritual exercises exercises that allow us to cleanse and clear the physical and soul bodies, creating an infinite space within.
Spiritual Root the antenna which allows us to individually connect to the Universal Love Light source; allows you to have the power of spirit, to restrain our body-mind-heart, to bring our energy body back to the center; the transmission of "Spiritual Root" allows the remnants of the light of spirit to grow and form a single line, which becomes the Spiritual Root Light source. Receiving the transmission of the spiritual root is essential to the practice of Standing Like a Pine.
Standing Like a Pine a stillness meditation which trains the "1" - shaped energy.
Soul Body the soul when it is resident in the body; the energy body.
Transmission the procedure by which Master Chou imparts the Spiritual Root, Healing Lights, Healing Hands and HoChi to Chi-mates.
Turning Inwards Program a year long periodic class which brings all outward energies inward in stillness to reveal the spirit.
Universal Love Compassion Field the coalescence of the compassionate intention of all enlightened beings past and present.
Universal Love Compassion, gentleness, equality and unified harmony; a methodology to connect to Universal Love Light and to cultivate ourselves and help others.
Universal Love Blessing a wondrous and powerful invocation, which properly practiced allows connection to Universal Love Light and awakening of and activation of the luminous being within; invoking the Universal Love Blessing adjusts your vibrational frequency to that of Universal Love Light.
Universal Love Light the light source of all beings at the nucleus of the universe which it is continually sending its blessings to each and every person on earth; an innate part of us which is present in our spirit at birth.