4 Foundations of Cultivation, Practice, Service, Intention

1. Cultivation - Observation, Mirroring, Oneness


Our relationships with people can be used as mirrors to help us see what we are presenting to the universe. When we dislike another person, we can find out why we have this strong, unwanted feeling, and we often find that in truth we dislike or ignore some part of ourselves. When we strongly admire another person, it is because we have their good qualities inside ourselves, even though they may not be fully developed and expressed yet. We can learn from everything we experience in our lives.

2. Practice - Stillness, Dynamic Meditation

Energetic Practices

Everything around us is a reflection of our energy. "Standing Like a Pine", "Bowing", "Healing Hands of Universal Love" and "HoChi Practice" are all cultivation methods, or "dharmas", which allow us to use the energy of Universal Love Light to adjust our body-mind-spirit. Each method provides a different approach, and the level at which each of us resonates in response to the different methods will vary.

Standing Like a Pine - a stillness meditation which trains the "1"- shaped energy

Healing Hands of Universal Love - a tool for helping others; it also trains our "0"- shaped energy

Bowing - a way to integrate the paternal "1" shaped and the maternal "0" shaped energies to form a harmonious whole

HoChi practice is a moving meditation which integrates the paternal "1" shaped and the maternal "0" shaped energies in a dynamic manner.

3. Service - Manifest Light of Spirit

Service - Healing Hands of Universal Love

Healing Hands of Universal Love is a simple, practical and powerful dharma for helping others. Healing Hands of Universal Love trains the " 0" shaped maternal energy; it develops the attributes of tenderness, compassion, caring and acceptance through the process of transmitting Universal Love Light. We reach out our hands and the love that comes through them has the power to heal ourselves and others.

The benefits of Healing Hands of Universal Love range from general peaceful and content feelings to healing severe physical ailments. It is common for practitioners and recipients to feel relief from pain, and it is particularly effective if the recipient actively seeks to find the root of their illness. Once the inner healing process is initiated, all worries, discomforts and blockages naturally disappear. Both the recipient and the practitioner are filled with Universal Love Light and enter a positive luminous state of relaxation, quietude, warmth and concentration. Both parties involved are revitalized in the process and are filled with confidence, hope and courage.

Healing Hands of Universal Love is a way to directly interact with people using the spirit; it transcends the boundaries of the physical habits and soul patterns; it transforms the energy in the relationship between the recipient and the practitioner. In its nurturing environment, the inner light of spirit is awakened and both parties will come into alignment with spirit where all is oneness and all is fulfillment.

4. Intention - Align with Light of Spirit

Universal Love Blessing

The Universal Love Blessing is a wondrous and powerful invocation, which when expressed sincerely, word by word, phrase by phrase, allows us to connect to Universal Love Light, and to awaken and activate the luminous being within. Invoking the Universal Love Blessing adjusts your vibrational frequency to that of Universal Love Light.

Sincere invocation of the Universal Love Blessing expresses our hope of receiving blessings from Universal Love Light and of all beings in need receiving it as well. This prayer should be made with the same sincerity as when parents ask for blessings for their children. Sincerity will move the heavens and the heavens will respond with bountiful blessings.

The words of the blessing help us switch our mindset from negative, angry, depressed, sad, worried, fearful, troubled, resentful, feeling abused thoughts to a positive, luminous and joyful state which makes our whole being peaceful and calm within a very short time