Master Michael Chou

Universal Love is founded by Master Michael Chou, whom we respectfully and affectionately address as Master Chou. Master Chou has been teaching for over 20 years and he has many students in Taiwan and the United States.

Master Chou's maternal grandma was an enlightened elder and she was also his spiritual teacher; it was she who guided him to connect to Universal Love Light. After connecting to Universal Love Light, Master Chou was able to use Universal Love Light to cultivate himself and to integrate everything he had learned and experienced in his life.

Master Chou also began to teach students to connect to Universal Love Light and to use it to cultivate themselves; these teachings (dharmas) evolved and developed into the HoChi Universal Love methodology.

Since Master Chou himself has already attained enlightenment, HoChi Universal Love is a proven method. As an enlightened master, Master Chou maintains a close and direct relationship with his students and guides them with infinite patience, wisdom and compassion.

It is essential to have an enlightened master as a guide, because the master can show us the most direct route to follow and to watch out for the pitfalls. In the presence of the higher vibration frequency of the master's compassion field, our vibration frequency is raised to a higher level and our own innate wisdom and compassion are revealed. Therefore it is advisable to seize every opportunity of being in the master's presence by attending as many classes as possible.

Master Chou's Story