HoChi Universal Love

A path of awakening, realization, enlightenment, fulfillment

The practice of HoChi Universal Love is the cultivation of body, mind and spirit. The results are a balanced flow of life energy in all of our systems, a healthy body, as well as a mind that is serene, calm, joyful, preaceful, pro-active, positive, and optimistic.~ Founder, Master Michael Chou

Universal Love Light

There is a vast source of light in the universe; it is the source of all love; it is continually sending its blessings to each and every person on earth. We call it Universal Love Light; the light source of all beings at the nucleus of the universe. Regardless of religion, regardless of who we are, every person can connect to it.

HoChi Universal Love Dharma

HoChi Universal Love is a methodology (system of dharmas) which we can learn; this methodology gives us the ways, means and tools to connect to Universal Love Light and to use it to cultivate ourselves and to help others.

Energy in Harmony

HoChi means "energy in harmony". HoChi Universal Love cultivation is a transformative process of using Universal Love Light to continually purify and integrate our energies to bring about a state of balance and harmony. Once a state of balance and harmony is achieved, we are said to be centered, and all our actions and thoughts are naturally a manifestation of Universal Love.

Health, Wisdom, and Total Fulfillment

The balanced and harmonious state of HoChi Universal Love allows us to manifest a healthy physical body, stable emotions, wisdom, and harmony in all our relationships.